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Visual Studio Online is here!

Introduction: With Visual Studio Online getting some traction, it is something that is not stable but at-least it is a pathway to something great in the history of computing. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office/Live Account Microsoft Azure Subscription Demonstration: 1. Signing Up with VS Online: Goto , you will see an introduction page. Visual Studio Sign-in Page After you have signed in, you will see a screen with no Azure Plans selected and no environments Visual Studio Online Home Page Here, you can select the environments, create plans based on your Azure Subscription, Create new environments. 2. Creating Plans: From the VS Online homepage, you are need to create a plan first. For this you will need an Active Azure Subscription. Your VS Online is then hosted as per your Azure Subscription and the location where you want to host. VS Online - Creating Plan After you select your subscription, you can view it in your VS Online