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Adding Users in Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise

Introduction: I'm sure with the dawn of Business Central Online, its been so easy to directly get users from Office 365 and the only part that you are remaining with is setting up User Permissions. After SSL & SSO is setup in Business Central On-Premise, the question comes as how to add Users and connect to Azure AD. To get how to setup SSL and SSO refer the links below SSL Setup - SSO Setup - Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On-Premise SSL Setup SSO Setup Understanding of  Office 365 Understanding of Azure AD Books & References: Demonstration: For SSO Authentication -  1. Search for Users in Global Search and select the Users (Administrat

Improvement to Web Service Access Keys in Business Central

Introduction: Today, I found something interesting in Business Central. When you open Users > Select User > Web Service Key Field, you will notice that it is either blank, has some value, or has a string of  '*' symbols Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Demonstration: 1. When you open a current logged in User: You will notice that the Web Service Key is <BLANK> if not configured. If the Web Service Key is configured then you will be able to find the key. You can triple-click to select the whole key.           Current User 2. When you open a different User from currently logged in User: You will notice that the Web Service for a different User will be '**************************' after version 16.5 and above. Which also means that even if you copy the Web Service Key to the clipboard you will receive the same '****************' character. Earlier this wasn't the case, instead, we were able to simply check the keys for diffe