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Performance Profiler in Business Central

Introduction:  In this blog, I will be sharing the details of the Performance Profiler in Business Central. Performance Profiler is a performance reporting tool that can be used to get an understanding of the performance.  Pre-requisites:  VS Code Business Central Environment Books & References:  Performance Profiler Overview Demonstration:  1. Start Performance Profiler: Search for Performance Profiler in Tell me Search in Business Central. Once the Performance Profiler page opens, you can hit the start button.   Once you hit the start button, you can now go ahead and run the process that you want to analyze for Performance. Open the process through the search directly on top of the Performance Profiler page. 2. Stop the Performance Profiler: Once you have run through the process, you can just hit the Stop button and you will get the performance report dashboard. 3. Open Performance Profiler in VS Code: You can also download the Performance Profiler file and view it directly in VS