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Business Central Upgrade Error - What happens, How critical is it and how to handle it

Problem Statement: After the launch of BC v16 in April 2020, I got an email stating htat the BC Production Upgrade will be scheduled to in June 2020. A couple of days passed by and all the Users started getting this image.  Take Action Now - Your Business Central Tenant Cannot be updated to BC 16 Although I certainly appreciate having this image on top as notification everytime you login into Business Central, I have gotten feedback from my customers stating that this creates some sort of tension and discouragment between the Users. Pre- requisites : Understanding of how to Upgrade Business Central Knowledge of Notification Recepients Understanding of changes code from BC vX to BC vY Solution: 1. Find out which extension is stopping BC from being upgraded. Generally this is available through emails that have been received from Microsoft. 2. Deprecate the old code and refactor to latest version by using the latest version of  AL Language Extension and Business Central Sandbox. Refer  ht