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How to find the the root cause of Business Central not being accessible and resolving it - Part 1

Introduction: In this blog, I will be discussing the approach of handling the Business Central downtime from an End User's perspective. I will be addressing how to debug and understand what could be a possible source of error which is could be causing the downtime of Business Central Production & Sandbox. Business Central not accessible Pre- requisites : 1. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 2. Access to Business Central Admin Center 3. Access to Office 365 Admin Procedure: 1. Check if you have a license assigned to your user : If you get the licensing error like the below, you need to confirm if you're getting logged in with the correct user and your license is correct. Missing License or Invalid User You can go to to verify the user logged in. Dynamics Home -     To be sure if this is not a license issue, kindly contact your Administrator or a friend who has access. In Tell Me key in 'Users' > Select the User License