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How to use RSS Feeds - MS Flow - Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to get your blogs synchronized in Business Central

Introduction: Today, as I was thinking about tracking blogs posted on to my blog post. There is a system in our company to check with the blogs submitted by a person by exporting MySQL database and then importing into PowerBI to generate the reports. Recently, I got my blog published on dynamics community and it uses RSS Feeds to syndicate blogs from different websites. So, this blog is about an experiment can I use the combination of both in Business Central and MS Flow to track the blogs posted on a Website/Blogspot. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Flow Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV VS Code AL Language Extension Solution: Creation of Flow: In Microsoft Flow there is a default template for RSS Feeds, change the RSS Feed URL to your own Blog RSS Feeds URL. Also, add Email to Gmail with appropriate data from RSS feeds. Adding your RSS Feed URL Flow to send Email when a blog is published You will need to publish a blog with relevant fields as you want. Em