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Dynamic Filtering and Filter Creation during for multiple record selections in Page Lookup in NAVISION

  Introduction: I have been working in NAV/BC for a couple of years to master the craft and to some extent all of us are successful. But a single scenario/ user error/misunderstanding can create a big question mark. This blog is mainly divided into two parts 1. Why does NAV/BC support few small things which are not supported when analyzing the data? 2. Workaround and its implications. So the use case is the NAV/BC Administrator creates an Item with the number in the 'ABC-1039-(A)'. He and other users do all the manufacturing, trading activities. When he tries to run reports having Item No. Lookup using Table Relation, he is given the following error. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC References: Demonstration: 1. Checking if this scenario is supported by spinning up some test code. Turns out when I hard-code Item No in SETFILTER, the report is working precisely as expected.