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Migrate your Business Central Server VM on Azure

Introduction: When you setup a Business Central Server on Azure for Development / Non- production activities and do not have Disaster Recovery backup setup, there are chances that your VM might not boot up. Most of the times there are issues with billing, networking or even Windows Update and still can be recovered through Azure Support. However the situation I face was Blue Screen of Death and there was lower chances of booting up. Pre-requisites: Fundamental understanding of Azure Microsoft Azure Subscription  Demonstration: 1. Create Disk Snapshot: Generally installations can be done again. However Databases are something important for you. Hence, you will need to attach your crashed VM Disk Drives as auxiliary Disk Drives to a working VM. For existing Drives, you will need to make a Disk Snapshot from the existing Disk Drive. Go to VM > Disks > Select Disk Drive > Make Snapshot. Disk Drive you would like to backup Create Disk Snapshot Create Disk Snapshot > Provide Disk