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Expose Web Service using SSL in Business Central On-Premise

Introduction:I had a requirement where the Web Services / APIs in NAV and Business Central On-premise needed to be exposed outside the VM to be consumed by third-party applications.
Also, this blog is a continuation of my previous blogs on NAVUserPassword and Single Sign On(SSO)
In this blog, let us see how to expose the Webservice / API URLs outside the server and consume them. Pre-requisites:Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On-premiseStatic IP assigned to the ServerDNS configured with SSL or Self-signed certificate.Demonstration:1. Changes to Business Central On-Premise / NAV Administration Console: Inside the Administration Console, you need to make sure that either you Business Central already has a way to be authenticated with the DNS link that you have provided. You can refer to my blogs  NAVUserPassword and Single Sign On(SSO) for this
After that make sure you enable SSL and change the Base URL to '<https://YourDomain:Port/ServerInstance>'. Also, make sure to allow…