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How to Upgrade your Business Central Environment

Introduction: In this blog, I will be showing how to schedule updates for Business Central Online(NAVISION ERP) Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Active Subscription Access to Business Central Admin Center Demonstration: 1. Check if you have an update: After you have logged into Business Central Admin Center, you will see if for your Sandbox or Production has an update available. Update Available 2. Schedule an update: After your update has been scheduled, your tenant will automatically upgrade itself and you will be getting an email for the same. Scheduling Update Conclusion: As compared to schedule update for Business Central through Admin Center which wouldn't be much reliable and would give you the time frame instead of a date and later updating through Microsoft Support if the process failed. Well, I hope this blog shows how to upgrade your Business Central Environment without much intervention and you can schedule f

Changes to Admin Center for v15.4, v16 in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online(NAVISION ERP)

Introduction: With Business Central already upgraded to v15.4, and soon about to upgrade to v16 after 1st April 2020, there are very useful features being added to Business Central Administration I'm super excited to blog about these. Let us check them out. I think its finally time to say "Now we are talking!" Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online Access to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Admin Centre Demonstration: Change #1: Layout of List of Environments A clean and a user friendly layout change can be observed in the List of Environments. You can see fields such Available Update Version, Scheduled Update Date List of Environments List of Environments selection Change #2: Environment Details New Actions - Manage Apps: In this you can see what all apps are installed in your Business Central Environments Manage Sessions: In this you can see all the sessions running for your Business Central Environments Applicati