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How Optimizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central Can Save You From Trouble.

Problem Statement: After my client's implementation in NAV, the system was working smooth and flawlessly. An important  issue was that the client couldn't close their books due to the change in Business Processes and even the customization was evolving as per the changing Business Process. This lead to serious slowing down of the system, filtering and finding records was a pain. When all the options ran out, we default to calling the Microsoft Support for help! They suggested upgrading the NAV CU versions which was way painful as all the data needed to migrate and again the system would face a downtime which my client couldn't afford!! Out of nowhere we were suggested reindexing the tables in NAV which were impacted the most as a periodic activity. Pre-requisites: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Microsoft Dynamics NAV Understanding of SQL Understanding of NAV Server Instance  Reference: