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Delete Users from NAV / Business Central

Introduction:  Have you received demo databases from someone? But you do not have the credentials? Read below to find the details. Pre-requisites:  NAV / Business Central OnPermise Demonstration:  NOTE: This step is not recommended for Production Server unless you explicitly need to do so. If you do not have Users in NAV/ Business Central, by default will allow you to add yourself as Administrator. This is needed if you migrate your database from one server to another outside of your AD. 1. Take SQL Backup: You can take SQL Backup by visiting SSMS > Right Click on DB > Tasks > Back Up > Select the File. Once you complete the wizard, your SQL backup file will be created. 2. Clear User Data using SQL Script: You can clear the Users, clear User Personalization, clear Metadata, and other tables USE [YOUR DB NAME] GO delete from [dbo].[User] delete from [dbo].[Access Control] delete from [dbo].[User Property] delete from [dbo].[Page Data Personalization] delete from [dbo].[User

Setup SQL Server Backups for Business Central On-Premise

Introduction: After having a successful implementation of Business Central On-Premise for the client's environment, it is necessary to automate administrative tasks such as Database Backups and restoration policies to Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Pre- requisites : Understanding of SQL Backups -Full Backups: - Differential Backups: - Transactional Backups: Understanding of PowerShell Demonstration: In this blog, it is necessary that you understand the different backup types. Just to give a hint below is a one-line explanation. i. Full Backups: Takes a full backup of DB ii. Differential Backups: After the full backup takes the change in data is added to the differential backup iii. Transactional Backup: After the last backup, the tra