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Annoucement: Business Central v22 Preview Release is out

ANNOUNCEMENT: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v22(Wave 1 2023) preview is out.  For more details check the announcement from Microsoft below -    Microsoft Announcements Emma Bak Nielsson (Adecco A/S)  - Announcing: Public preview for 2023 release wave is... Emma Bak Nielsson (Adecco A/S)   –   12 hours ago   –  Edited   Announcement: Announcing: Public preview for 2023 release wave is available! Read more about what is new and planned for Business Central 2023 release wave 1 and learn what's new in the Business Central Launch Event! Register now: Try it out today! We are pleased to announce global roll-out of the preview environments for Business Central 2023 release wave 1 (April).   Help us! We want more partners to try it out. Let us know about your experiences with the new version. You can provide feedback on Microsoft Collaborate (learn how here: ) - or give us feedback and ask questions it in the Yammer grou

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Planner

Introduction: Earlier Microsoft used to create a Release Plan Document to showcase upcoming features. Release Planner is a portal created by Microsoft to showcase all features planned for upcoming updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365. References: Demonstration: 1. Open Release Planner:   To open Release Planner visit Release Planner - Main Window 2. Select Business Application: On the left, you can select the Business Application as you want. You can select Planned, Coming Soon, and Try Now Features 3. Feature Details: Expanding the feature (down arrow) will provide you the details of the features. You can also add the Feature to My Plan. You need to be logged in to add the feature to My Plan. 4. Changing Feature Lanes and Filter: You can also move from Planned(decided only), Coming Soon(development in progress or testing), or Try Now (Beta or GA released). You can also Filter