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How to raise a support ticket for Business Central

Introduction: In a typical Business Central implementation or support project, we might need to Support requests to Microsoft Team. A Microsoft partner is most likely to have a Support Contract in place. In this blog, I'm going to showcase how to raise a support ticket through Business Central Admin Center  Pre- requisites : Understanding of Business Central Admin Center A brief idea of Microsoft Partner Center Demonstration: 1. Business Central Admin Center: You can visit Admin Center by visiting -<AZURE AD TENANT ID>/admin Or through Business Central, you can click on Settings > Admin Center. If your Business Central Production Environment is down, I recommend raising the RED FLAG ticket and the highest priority ticket will be raised by using Report Production Outage. Report Production Outage Fill in Contact Details Fill in issue details   For any other issues, I recommend using Support > New Support Request 2. Power platform Adm

Exploring Microsoft Forms

Introduction: In this blog, I will be attempting to explore Microsoft Forms completely. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Forms Demonstration: 1. Navigating to Microsoft Forms Pro: Go to and click on Forms in the Listed Apps 2. Template: List of Templates to Create a Form Templates are a ready-made format for the forms. You can make additions or deletions as per your requirement. 3. Creation of New Form: Creation of Forms includes making a form with the respective title, description, theme, and a logo. Create a Form Adding questions to Microsoft Forms: Adding questions can be of different types. It can also include all the validations, making questions mandatory and set-up a subtitle for the question in case more information is needed on it. Also, each question can have an image to convey the overall gist of the question. Adding Rating based questions Adding Choice-based questions Adding Text-base

How to sync your Contacts to Business Central using Microsoft Flow

Introduction: Contacts are important part of our network for our day to day communication. Although even if we need it everyday, there is also a need for them to be integrated directly into Business Central. Well, it started from a community question and seems like Microsoft Flow is the fastest and the easiest method to resolve this issue. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Microsoft Flow. References: Microsoft Flow's standard ' Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts ' Flow. Solution: 1. Creation of Web Services for Contact: Creating the Web Service Goto Webservices > New > Fill the Type as Page and ID as 5050. > Give the Webservice Name > Publish. 2. Creation of Microsoft Flow to move you E-mail contacts to Business Central : Using the 'Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts' flow, you can modify the flow to integrate Contacts into Business Central. Removing the add Contact to Google Contac

How to use RSS Feeds - MS Flow - Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to get your blogs synchronized in Business Central

Introduction: Today, as I was thinking about tracking blogs posted on to my blog post. There is a system in our company to check with the blogs submitted by a person by exporting MySQL database and then importing into PowerBI to generate the reports. Recently, I got my blog published on dynamics community and it uses RSS Feeds to syndicate blogs from different websites. So, this blog is about an experiment can I use the combination of both in Business Central and MS Flow to track the blogs posted on a Website/Blogspot. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Flow Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV VS Code AL Language Extension Solution: Creation of Flow: In Microsoft Flow there is a default template for RSS Feeds, change the RSS Feed URL to your own Blog RSS Feeds URL. Also, add Email to Gmail with appropriate data from RSS feeds. Adding your RSS Feed URL Flow to send Email when a blog is published You will need to publish a blog with relevant fields as you want. Em

How to use Forms - Flows - Business Central integration to build your masters in Business Central

Problem Statement: Few months ago on a client requirement gathering session for Business Central, I realized that the client is asking for portal where the Vendors / Customers can fill in their basic data so that the data is correct and it saves our time to prepare the master.  The easiest way of doing this was by using Microsoft Forms. In this case, I need it for Vendors, so let's see how we can use Forms, Flow and Business Central and integrate them together. Pre- Requisites: Microsoft Flow Microsoft Office Forms Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Solution: The solution I found was creating Form and using Flow integrate the data from the Form into Business Central 1. Create Form with fields which you want to set on the Vendors Creation Form fields. 2. Create Flow to take each record inserted in Form and integrate this record to Business Central Creating Flow which loops through each record and passes it to Business Central Output: After inserting the