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Permission Issues on Posting after deploying Extension in Business Central Production Tenant

Introduction: Issues when you deploy your app in Business Central Production VS Business Central Sandbox. Let us what are the implications of the statement. In my last blog () I have already pointed out the difference in Profile as to how can create new Profile in Business Central Sandbox but the same is not possible in Business Central Production. Pre-requisite: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (SaaS) Demonstration: 1. I was working with General Journals after deploying the App in Production Environment. Suddenly during posting I go this error. 2. To Verify this issue is not of Permission Set, I gave the User SUPER Permission and tried again. I got the same error despite giving SUPER Permission. Again the same the error, so I checked the Effective Permissions. I noticed that Table G/L Entry has an Indirect Permission. I replicated the same Production in Sandbox. But I didn’t find any issue like this. 3. Moreover, I noticed that w