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Download Source not permitted even when configuration allows downloading source

Introduction: In this blog, I will be sharing my experience with Customization Extensions related to Download Source in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On-Premise Demonstration: As a requirement, some customers will always request access to their Customization Extension in Business Central. One such incident happens when the project in VS Code has the Download Source enabled and Business Central did not allow Downloading the source. After checking the code base, it was clear that Download Source is only allowed for apps where Tenant Visible boolean is set to true In order to deploy the extension with the Tenant visible as TRUE we had to deploy the Extension App with tenant details using the PowerShell command below. OLD COMMAND: Publish-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -Path NewAppPath -SkipVerification NEW COMMAND: Publish-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -tenant default -scope Tenant -Path NewAppPath -SkipVerification T