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Role Center(Dashboard) taking forever to Load? Let's find out why and how to optimize!

Introduction: Have you ever faced the issue of the Dashboard taking forever to load? If yes, then did you inspect the reason why? Anyways, the Dashboard loading times dependent upon the calculations used to generate the figures on each of the dashboard tile. Most of the times the calculations are so tedious that the results involve querying multiple tables with multiple filters. Let's see how we can optimize the Dashboard load times. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central. Development Environment or NAV. VS code with AL Language Extension for Business Central. Solution: 1. Figuring out which all tiles required real-time calculations VS non- real-time. Thus, by separating real-time from non- real-time, we can differentiate the execution patterns. For eg: No. of Open Invoices VS Average Cost of an Open Invoice. 2. Settings different execution styles for Real-Time and Non-Realtime: i. Real-Time Calculations are trigger whenever we open t