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How to setup Hyper-V

Introduction: In this blog, I will showcase how to setup Hyper-V in Windows and Install OS on Hyper-V Pre- requisites : Basic Understanding of Hyper-V Understanding of OS Installation Books & References: Setup Hyper-V Demonstration: 1. Enable Hyper-V through Windows: Search for Turn Windows features ON or OFF in Windows Search and Enable Hyper-V Once you hit OK, Hyper-V will be installed and the setup will complete. You will need to Restart your machine.  2. Creation of Virtual Machine in Hyper-V: Once Hyper-V is installed, you can simply search for Hyper-V in Windows Search. In Hyper-V, you will need to create Virtual Machine. Select New > Virtual Machine. Add the Virtual Machine Name Select VM Generation. This is similar to Legacy or UEFI Boot. Select the Allowed Memory(RAM) for the VM. Select Network Adapter Create Virtual Hard Disk Drive and select the size for the same. In order to Boot the OS, you will need the bootable drive or ISO image of the OS You can now go ahead and