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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premises) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Introduction:  On 11th January 2023, Microsoft announced a vulnerability in NAV 2016, NAV 2017, and Business Central (On-Premise), and the fixes are shared below. Pre-requisites:  Used / Implemented NAV 2016/2017 or Business Central On-Premise Books & References:  CVE-2022-411Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premises) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE - CVE-2022-41127 ( CVE-2022-41127: Download localized DVDs for Dynamics NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 - Dynamics 365 Business Central Community What is Remote Code Execution (RCE)? - GeeksforGeeks CVE-2022-41127 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premises) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Details:  NOTE:   THIS VULNERABILITY IS CRITICAL IN NATURE. 1. Vulnerability : Microsoft identified Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in NAV 2016, NAV2017, and Business Central On-Premise. While the fixes are released below.

How to update your Business Central to Latest CU

Introduction:  There are times when Microsoft releases the latest major version upgrade for Business Central Upgrade and you face many issues with it. As soon as the bugs are reported to Microsoft, they start to fix them and ask you to upgrade to a certain Cumulative Update. In this blog, I will be sharing my experience with Business Central v21 CU0 upgrade to Business Central v21 CU2. Pre-requisites:  Business Central DVD for Latest CU Basic Understanding of Business Central CU Updates Books & References:  List of Update Packages How to Update CU version Demonstration:  1. Check the current state of BC: As part of knowing the current state of your Business Central environment, I'm assuming that your Business Central Environment will have some data in the standard Base App also there will be customization with extended tables and newly created tables. Customization - TableExtension on Customer Table  Customization - Custom Table created Make a note of the data that is present i

Dynamic Filtering and Filter Creation during for multiple record selections in Page Lookup in NAVISION

  Introduction: I have been working in NAV/BC for a couple of years to master the craft and to some extent all of us are successful. But a single scenario/ user error/misunderstanding can create a big question mark. This blog is mainly divided into two parts 1. Why does NAV/BC support few small things which are not supported when analyzing the data? 2. Workaround and its implications. So the use case is the NAV/BC Administrator creates an Item with the number in the 'ABC-1039-(A)'. He and other users do all the manufacturing, trading activities. When he tries to run reports having Item No. Lookup using Table Relation, he is given the following error. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC References: Demonstration: 1. Checking if this scenario is supported by spinning up some test code. Turns out when I hard-code Item No in SETFILTER, the report is working precisely as expected.

Changes to Admin Center for v15.4, v16 in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online(NAVISION ERP)

Introduction: With Business Central already upgraded to v15.4, and soon about to upgrade to v16 after 1st April 2020, there are very useful features being added to Business Central Administration I'm super excited to blog about these. Let us check them out. I think its finally time to say "Now we are talking!" Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online Access to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Admin Centre Demonstration: Change #1: Layout of List of Environments A clean and a user friendly layout change can be observed in the List of Environments. You can see fields such Available Update Version, Scheduled Update Date List of Environments List of Environments selection Change #2: Environment Details New Actions - Manage Apps: In this you can see what all apps are installed in your Business Central Environments Manage Sessions: In this you can see all the sessions running for your Business Central Environments Applicati

How to Setup NavUserPassword with SSL for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central(NAVISION ERP)

Introduction: In this blog, I'm attempting to setup basic authentication like NavUserPassword for Business Central On-Premise. NavUserPassword is an authentication system, where each user have their own UserID and password which is configured inside Business Central itself. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise Domain for your VM Understanding of Credential Types in Business Central Demonstration: 1. Setup DNS in Azure VM: Go to your VM inside Azure to configure DNS. Click on Configure Put the URL as you need. 2.  Create a Webserver Instance for Business Central: New-NAVWebServerInstance to create a Web Server Instance Adding Web Server Instance with the name LS 3. Create a Self Signed Certificate or get an SSL from Domain provider: Run the PowerShell script to create a self signed certificate New Self-Signed Certificate New Self-Signed Certificate created After creation/installation of Certificate, righ