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Update to generating App Password in Office 365 / Microsoft 365

Introduction: In my previous blog on setting up the App Password for Outlook after enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, refer to How to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication This blog is an update on the changes made to the process creation of App Password and is relatively easier to follow. I faced an issue where the ' View Privacy Link ' button was missing in Settings & Privacy > Privacy View Privacy Link Missing - Office 365 / Microsoft 365   Pre- requisites : Microsoft 365 (a.k.a Office 365) Demonstration: In, go to the Users icon on the top right and select ' View Account' View Account Head over to the ' Security Info ' navigation on the left side and click on ' Add Method Adding Method in Security Info You need to select the Method as ' App Password ', provide the ' App Name ' and copy the password generated for further use Adding a Method Adding AppName Copying App Password I tested the copied password in SMTP Ma