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Setup Jet Reports Add-in in Excel for Business Central

Introduction: While going through the Setup of Business Central with Jet Reports as per the article from Jet Global, I noticed that for some reason I wasn't finding the same options as mentioned in the article. Hence, I decided to try somethings on my own, and here are my findings. In this blog, I would like to cover the JetReport Setup with Business Central Sandbox or Production. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Excel Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Jet Report Extension Setup in Business Central Jet Report Add-In installed References: Demonstration: As you know that the setup wasn't exactly as mentioned in the article. 1. Data Source Type: Goto App Settings > Data Source Type > Select WebServices DataSourceType as Web Services 2. Authentication   For Authentication, select the NavUserPassword. Use the Username and Web Service Key from Users. Use

Resolving error 'The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send' in NAVISION / Business Central

  Introduction: Today, as I was working with Real-Time Integration with TCI Scribe, I noticed that the integrations which were working prior stopped working. Although the URL when triggered through the POSTMAN app it works fine. The error that was received is ' {​​​​​"The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."}​​​​​ ' Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central Understanding of .NET Interoperability Postman App Test Endpoint for API Procedure: I have used NAVWebRequest or HTTPWebRequest as .NET interoperability in NAV referring to   1. Debugging the issue: In order to make sure that the coding is correctly triggering the URL with POST call and JSON Data Payload, I created an endpoint on Request Bin and the solution seems to be working. Request Bin Also, when triggering the URL through Postman, the response is correctly generated. Postman Trigger 2. Finding the issue and possible solution u

Newly Added multiple Sandbox select feature

Introduction: In October 2019, Microsoft release a feature of Multiple Production Environments refer my previous Blog . Well, I'm glad to announce that this feature is also available to Sandbox  Environment. Pre-requisite: Access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Access to Business Central Admin Center Procedure: Today, as I was logged into my client's tenant in  everything was normal until I clicked on Sandbox Dyanmics 365 Home Immediately noticing the pop for environment selection, although it says that you have multiple Production Environments select either of this. Sandbox Select I was curious as to When the hell did this happen? and that too with Sandbox Names on Production?? Did I make any mistake in configurations?? I checked the in the Admin Center to confirm and found out that these were Sandbox Environments and not Production.