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How to Setup Jet Hub & Jet Service Tier for Jet Reports in D365 Business Central

Introduction: The story starts with one of our clients who want to have Jet Report installed along with Dynamics 365 Business Central. After procuring the licenses, the client realizes he needs to connect Jet Reports to his home PC as well which may cost an additional license cost since Jet Report uses O365/M365 and Device Details as well to register its client. This means that it is not totally remote like Business Central(SaaS). So we need something that has all the data in the center but can connect to O365 as well as re-activate once the user changes the devices. It would have been easier if the client connected his home PC with office Azure AD, transfer the logins and AD metadata but that's unethical to some IT policies.  So after nearly 2 weeks of back and forth, the jet team suggested using Jet Hub, and the caveat was only 5% of the companies who install Jet Reports choose this option due to its complexity.  Meanwhile, I lost my patience and interfered thinking " How ha