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How Item Substitution In NAV / Business Central Can Ease Your Pain.

Introduction: Most of the businesses have the requirements of Item Substitution. What this means in business terms is that, if the item to be sold is not available then you can sell a different or substitute item instead of that item. There are few conditions based upon which we can decide whether we can do item substitution or not. Let us see and learn Item substitution in detail. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central Demonstration: Item Substitution The use case for Item Substitution would be that a Customer wants to have a conference room Chairs & Table Set within 3 days. The Customer likes the Product and selects it. But, generally, manufacturing & assembly takes over a week and we do not keep the Stock. We produce the set as an when needed. Goto Items > Select Tall Tiles as the Layout. We will be substituting Items as shown in the screenshot. 1. Setting Up Item substitution: Goto Items > Select Item which will