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Save Standard General Journals in Business Central

  Introduction: With Business Central getting stable, Microsoft is adding more features in order to make the lives of Users easier. One such feature I would like to discuss is the Standard Journals in General Journal. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (OnPremise or SaaS) Understanding of General Journals Books & References: Demonstration: 1. Open General Journal and create Entries: You can do a search in Business Central for General Journal and select General Journal Batch which will open the General Journal. You will need to add Journal Entries as usual. Basically these entries are the ones that you will be repeating over a period of time. For Eg: Recurring G/L to G/L Transfers Create General Journal Entries 2. Save Entries with/without Amounts: On the General Journal, click Save Entries in General Journal which will open a form to ask you the basic details. Open General Jour

Permission Issues on Posting after deploying Extension in Business Central Production Tenant

Introduction: Issues when you deploy your app in Business Central Production VS Business Central Sandbox. Let us what are the implications of the statement. In my last blog () I have already pointed out the difference in Profile as to how can create new Profile in Business Central Sandbox but the same is not possible in Business Central Production. Pre-requisite: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (SaaS) Demonstration: 1. I was working with General Journals after deploying the App in Production Environment. Suddenly during posting I go this error. 2. To Verify this issue is not of Permission Set, I gave the User SUPER Permission and tried again. I got the same error despite giving SUPER Permission. Again the same the error, so I checked the Effective Permissions. I noticed that Table G/L Entry has an Indirect Permission. I replicated the same Production in Sandbox. But I didn’t find any issue like this. 3. Moreover, I noticed that w

General Journal Views in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Introduction: Recently In Business Central, I have observed the format for General Journals where the unnecessary fields are hidden inorder to avoid confusion. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Demonstration: There are 2 Views of General Journal in Business Central. 1. Limited field view: Limited Column View 2. All field view: Full Column View 3. Switching to Limited Field View: Switching to Limited Field View 4. Switching to All Field View: Conclusion: Thus, this limited view from all field view is helpful to avoid confusion during data entering but it has drawback. If you are entering Account No. as G/L Account and want to switch the Customer as Account Type, there is no way of doing it from Limited field view.This is because in General Journal functionality, Business Central automatically selects the Account Type from previous entry causing this drawback.