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Issue in Event Subscribers: Expected VS Bug

Introduction: Today, as I was playing around in Business Central with some of my customization for General Journals where I wanted to flow a field from General Journal to G/L Entries using Event Subscriber, I noticed something weird. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Solution: As I was looking for an Event which will trigger when General Journal Entries are posted, I found these entries by browsing through Codeunit 12 Gen-Jnl Post. I found that ' OnAfterRunWithoutCheck ' event works. So I proceeded to confirm by adding a Simple Hello World Message in the Event Subscriber and the message didn't pop. Thus, I wasn't sure if that was the specific event to subscribe to. Message Added to Event Subscriber No Message appeared after Posting I tried with a list of Event Subscribers and also, Table Triggers(OnBeforeDelete, OnAfterInsert) do not work during posting Frustrated unable to find the issue, I realised I missed using Event Re