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How to Setup Jet Hub & Jet Service Tier for Jet Reports in D365 Business Central

Introduction: The story starts with one of our clients who want to have Jet Report installed along with Dynamics 365 Business Central. After procuring the licenses, the client realizes he needs to connect Jet Reports to his home PC as well which may cost an additional license cost since Jet Report uses O365/M365 and Device Details as well to register its client. This means that it is not totally remote like Business Central(SaaS). So we need something that has all the data in the center but can connect to O365 as well as re-activate once the user changes the devices. It would have been easier if the client connected his home PC with office Azure AD, transfer the logins and AD metadata but that's unethical to some IT policies.  So after nearly 2 weeks of back and forth, the jet team suggested using Jet Hub, and the caveat was only 5% of the companies who install Jet Reports choose this option due to its complexity.  Meanwhile, I lost my patience and interfered thinking " How ha

Dynamic Filtering and Filter Creation during for multiple record selections in Page Lookup in NAVISION

  Introduction: I have been working in NAV/BC for a couple of years to master the craft and to some extent all of us are successful. But a single scenario/ user error/misunderstanding can create a big question mark. This blog is mainly divided into two parts 1. Why does NAV/BC support few small things which are not supported when analyzing the data? 2. Workaround and its implications. So the use case is the NAV/BC Administrator creates an Item with the number in the 'ABC-1039-(A)'. He and other users do all the manufacturing, trading activities. When he tries to run reports having Item No. Lookup using Table Relation, he is given the following error. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC References: Demonstration: 1. Checking if this scenario is supported by spinning up some test code. Turns out when I hard-code Item No in SETFILTER, the report is working precisely as expected.