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Exposing Dimension and Dimension Values in General Ledger Entries

  Introduction: Ever felt a need to expose Dimensions on G/L Entries? Wouldn't it be simple to check-in G/L Entries or perform a Pivot in Excel directly? Well, that is exactly what I'm planning for. Use Case: Add the 2 Global Dimension  & 6 Shortcut Dimension to G/L Entries Table in Business Central. These fields should be downloadable in Edit in Excel. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central VS Code AL Language Extension Procedure: 1. Adding fields to the Page: I will be creating 8 variables on the G/L Entry Page of the Type Code[30] and add the variables as fields to the page. Fields to G/L Entry Page 2. Adding Logic to fetch data into the fields: The fields that were recently created needs to be filled in with values for each and every record. Dimension Set Entries table consist of Dimension Set ID (Integer) and Dimension Code which will be getting from General Ledger Setup.  Fetch the Dimension Value Output: Dimension in G/L Entries  Exporting to Excel