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How to Bulk Upload attachements using AL in Business Central

Problem Statement: Few months ago I wrote a blog on  Generic way of attaching documents . As a feedback to this, questions started coming if there is any chance for bulk uploading attachments like  Import multiple Item Pictures . Lets start. Pre- requisites : Understanding of AL. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Tenant. Understanding of how compression works in BC. Demonstration: 1. Understanding the Base App Code: In the picture below I have illustrated the important parts needed to understand the Base App Code. In short Upload Zip as Stream > Decompress to Lists > Attach the element of the List. LoadZIP - Item Picture - Code Understanding 2. Writing the Code for the Functionality: To be specific, I have written a code whihc will bulk upload Attachments for Variants of Items. I will be seperating delimiting and recognizing Items and Variants using the format as follows ' VariantNo.[Count per variant]%ItemNo.%[*].[ext] ' Load ZIP - Cu