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Business Central Admin Center Upgrade with Business Central Wave 2 2020

Introduction: In this blog, I'm going to demonstrate the newly available Business Central Admin Center coming up in October for the 2020 Release Wave 2  Pre- requisites : Business Central Admin Center Demonstration: 1. Changes to Business Central Admin Center: After you login in Business Central Admin Center, you will observe a couple of changes in the Admin Center on the Main Screen directly. The changes are missing actions, additionals sections. 2. Changes on Environment Card Page: After selecting the environments, you will notice key things such as renaming the environment. 3. Update Settings in Business Central Environment: When you click Update Setting, you have the ability to schedule Update Windows and Date. 4. Renaming Business Central Environment: While this was an easy one, the best one so far is the 'Renaming' feature  5. Delete Action feature moved to Environment Card:   There is another one where the actions on the Environments List Page is moved to the card pa

Accountant's Hub for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - 1

Introduction: In this blog I'm going to show how to setup Accountant's Hub for Business Central. Also, I will describe what Account's Hub is and how it connects to Business Central. Pre- requisites : Office 365 Account. Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central Subscription. Books & References: Theory: Assume, you are an Accountant and your company deals with Business Central Customers and manage their finance & accounts. Well as a part of traditional system, an accountant has his accounts in multiple customers Business Central system. This means that for each individual customer, you will have different logins and managing this can be difficult. Not any more! Now you can a have a simplified portal for yourself as an Accountant and you can add your clients get the access to your customer's business central using Accountant's Hub. Let us see how we can enable this feature. De

How to Upgrade your Business Central Environment

Introduction: In this blog, I will be showing how to schedule updates for Business Central Online(NAVISION ERP) Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Active Subscription Access to Business Central Admin Center Demonstration: 1. Check if you have an update: After you have logged into Business Central Admin Center, you will see if for your Sandbox or Production has an update available. Update Available 2. Schedule an update: After your update has been scheduled, your tenant will automatically upgrade itself and you will be getting an email for the same. Scheduling Update Conclusion: As compared to schedule update for Business Central through Admin Center which wouldn't be much reliable and would give you the time frame instead of a date and later updating through Microsoft Support if the process failed. Well, I hope this blog shows how to upgrade your Business Central Environment without much intervention and you can schedule f

Changes to Business Central Admin Center in 2019 Wave 2 Release

Introduction: In this blog, I plan to cover the changes in Business Central Admin Center in 2019 Wave 2 Release. Prerequisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Demonstration: Changes in Business Central Admin Center are as follows 1. Changes in Action Button and addition of Refresh Button in Environments section: List of Environments and Actions 2. Addition of Action Buttons Environment Card (Details) Page: New Additions in Action are Report Production Outage and Manage Support Contact Environment Details and Actions You can create a Support Ticket for the Tenant, Report Outages in Production and also Delete the Production as multiple Production Environments are supported. 3. Creation of New Environment: Creation of New Environment either multiple Production and Sandbox. Can select appropriate Country Region for the Environment. Can even select version including version 15.03650.0 for Production and above versions such as 15.0.36135.0 (Preview) for