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How to Leverage Visual Studio Online and Azure Pipelines to migrate your development environment to the Cloud!

Introduction: With my previous blog, I had explained how to configure CI/CD for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The only drawback when it comes to developing in VS Code Online is that it works with Base Operating System as Linux. Which implies that the ALC(Application Language Compiler) built for Windows has to also work on Linux but it doesn't. Because of which it becomes difficult to compile your Business Central projects in VS Code Online. In this blog I will be attempting to collaborate VS Code Online with Azure Pipelines to get things running with auto-deployment. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central VS Code Online Azure DevOps Azure Pipelines Books & References: Demonstration: 1. Setup CI/CD for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: In order for this system to work the major skeleton is taken up by CI/CD process. Refer my blog below. https://www.olister

CI/CD in NAV / Business Central Development using Azure DevOps

Introduction: Azure DevOps is a very handy tool to manage project tasks, milestones, bugs, and documentation. But it is not just limited to that, it can also be used to manage all your deployments and building pipelines to manage your deployments. Lets take a look how to do this and how we can setup our repository to make auto deployments. Pre-requisites: VS Code Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central Azure DevOps Subscription Understanding of  Version Source Control System like Github or TFS Understanding of PowerShell Books & References: Demonstration: 1. Creation of Azure DevOps Repository: Creation