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Changes to authenticating AL Language Extension in VS Code Development Environment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Introduction: As I upgraded my Business Central AL Language Extension and VS Code, I noticed that I was no longer authenticated to deploy my app to Business Central Sandbox using (Ctrl + F5) So I noticed a process change in authenticating VS Code and Business Central and you will find the details below. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v15 Sandbox VS Code AL Language 5.0.254558 Demonstration: After running AL : Clear credentials cache, I tried AL: Downloading the Symbol VS Code will give you a Pop-Up to Open the Window. Make sure you copy the code and click on Copy & Open Trying to Download Symbols Once you click on Copy & Open, it opens a browser window Select Copy & Open Paste the Code from VS Code Insert the code that you copied from VSCode and click Next. This will open the Login page with your accounts to select. Select your Account After this you will get a Message on the Browser and your Symbols wil

Business Central Wave 1 2020 (version 16) Release is officially out!

Introduction: Business Central Wave 1 2020 (version 16) Release is officially out! Let us see how to set it up! Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Wave 1 2020 (version 16) Released     Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online Subscription Access to Admin Center Procedure: Go to Business Central Admin Centre > Environments > New Give Sandbox Name, Select Country and Version as 16. After Sandbox is deployed, you can go to Setup and Extensions > Extensions Here, you will find that the Base App, System App are up to version 16.0 Business Central v16 Extensions Yaaay!! We are finally on latest version of Business Central