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Accountant's Hub for Business Central - Business Central Saturday - 365 Saturday

Business Central Saturday - Accountant's Hub for Microsoft Dynamics  Business Central 365

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1. Signup & User Setup
 Signup & User Setup                                                  Slide No.  What is Accountant's Hub for Business Central 5 Accountant's Hub Signup 6 Inviting External Accountants to Business Central  11 User Configuration in O365 / M365 Admin Center 16
 Accountant Hub's Admin Center 19

2. External Accountants in Business Central
 External Accountants in Business Central                Slide No.  User Setup - External Accounts                               23             Accountant Dashboards & Activ…

How to get Preview Version of Business Central

Introduction: With Business Central now progressing it's way in the market, Microsoft will be releasing seamless upgrades every 6 months i.e April(Wave 1) and October (Wave 2). Thus, this means that with each wave there are going to be public preview coming up for the customers to get few insights as to what all is expected. Pre-requisites:Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.Books & References: Demonstration: There are two ways to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Public Preview

1. Create a new Sandbox:
In the Admin Center for Business Central, you can create a new Sandbox with preview

2. Create a Docker Container:
Referring to had noticed that when you are creating a docker container using BC INSIDER, you…