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Resolving Error - 'Invoke-NAVApplicationDatabaseConversion: An unexpected error occurred after a database command was cancelled.'

Introduction: While doing Data Migrations from BC14 to BC22, there was an error ' Invoke-NAV ApplicationDatabaseConversion: An unexpected error occurred after a database command was cancelled.' in Business Central in the Database Conversion. I confirmed the DB connectivity is working fine and failed only at Invoke-NAVApplicationDatabaseConversion. Pre-requisites: 1. Understanding of BC Data Migrations 2. Basic understanding of SQL versions Demonstration: As you know that while upgrading NAV / Business Central, you are requested to run the Application Database Conversion. In this case, I was directly trying to convert from BC14 to BC22 and I ended up with this error. To confirm this I checked the Upgrade compatibility matrix  and then there was an unexpected error. I tried to do the steps again and seem to receive the error again. After checking the Event Viewer it wa

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premises) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Introduction:  On 11th January 2023, Microsoft announced a vulnerability in NAV 2016, NAV 2017, and Business Central (On-Premise), and the fixes are shared below. Pre-requisites:  Used / Implemented NAV 2016/2017 or Business Central On-Premise Books & References:  CVE-2022-411Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premises) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE - CVE-2022-41127 ( CVE-2022-41127: Download localized DVDs for Dynamics NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 - Dynamics 365 Business Central Community What is Remote Code Execution (RCE)? - GeeksforGeeks CVE-2022-41127 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premises) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Details:  NOTE:   THIS VULNERABILITY IS CRITICAL IN NATURE. 1. Vulnerability : Microsoft identified Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in NAV 2016, NAV2017, and Business Central On-Premise. While the fixes are released below.

How to update your Business Central to Latest CU

Introduction:  There are times when Microsoft releases the latest major version upgrade for Business Central Upgrade and you face many issues with it. As soon as the bugs are reported to Microsoft, they start to fix them and ask you to upgrade to a certain Cumulative Update. In this blog, I will be sharing my experience with Business Central v21 CU0 upgrade to Business Central v21 CU2. Pre-requisites:  Business Central DVD for Latest CU Basic Understanding of Business Central CU Updates Books & References:  List of Update Packages How to Update CU version Demonstration:  1. Check the current state of BC: As part of knowing the current state of your Business Central environment, I'm assuming that your Business Central Environment will have some data in the standard Base App also there will be customization with extended tables and newly created tables. Customization - TableExtension on Customer Table  Customization - Custom Table created Make a note of the data that is present i

How to raise a support ticket for Business Central

Introduction: In a typical Business Central implementation or support project, we might need to Support requests to Microsoft Team. A Microsoft partner is most likely to have a Support Contract in place. In this blog, I'm going to showcase how to raise a support ticket through Business Central Admin Center  Pre- requisites : Understanding of Business Central Admin Center A brief idea of Microsoft Partner Center Demonstration: 1. Business Central Admin Center: You can visit Admin Center by visiting -<AZURE AD TENANT ID>/admin Or through Business Central, you can click on Settings > Admin Center. If your Business Central Production Environment is down, I recommend raising the RED FLAG ticket and the highest priority ticket will be raised by using Report Production Outage. Report Production Outage Fill in Contact Details Fill in issue details   For any other issues, I recommend using Support > New Support Request 2. Power platform Adm

Setup Development Environment with Business Central On-Premise Hosted on Azure

Introduction: When you are using Business Central On-Premise, we might need to set up the Development Environment for AL Extension through Business Central Administration. In this blog, I will be sharing how to set up Development Environment connectivity on your local device and Business Central On-Premise hosted on a Server using UserPassword. Pre- requisites : Understanding of Authentication  Understanding of Business Central Administration VS Code AL Language Extension Business Central On-Premise Demonstration: 1. Set up Networking:  i. Enable Port through Inbound Port Rules in Azure: By default the Development Port required for Connectivity is disabled. Hence you will need to add the port in the Inbound Port Rules. ii. Enable Port through Inbound Port Rules in Advanced Firewall Settings: Add the port in the Inbound Port Rules in Firewall Settings. Add Inbound Port in Firewall 2. Set up Development Configuration in Business Central Administration: By default, Business Central Admini