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How Business Central Modern Client Reverse Compatibility With NAV Can Help You Improve Your Work.

Introduction: Today, I was playing around with Business Central Modern Client (Windows App). Out of curiosity I was trying to login to one of my NAV 2017 through SSO. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics NAV with SSO configured Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Demonstration: 1. Business Central App - Main Page: Business Central Modern Client - Main Page Clicking on locally hosted service and putting in the credentials configured for NAV 2017 SSO, we get. Business Central trying to Log In into NAV Still skeptical when Business Central login into NAV. 2. Business Central App - Reverse compatible with NAV 2017: NAV in Business Central Modern App Well well well... Look whose here. NAV disguised as  Dynamics 365 for Financials. I think we all agree that Business Central Modern Client is a WebApp version of Busines Central Online. Basically just like browser in an App. The difference is that it can connect to NAV as it is just like a browser. 3. Doe