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Changes to authenticating AL Language Extension in VS Code Development Environment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Introduction: As I upgraded my Business Central AL Language Extension and VS Code, I noticed that I was no longer authenticated to deploy my app to Business Central Sandbox using (Ctrl + F5)
So I noticed a process change in authenticating VS Code and Business Central and you will find the details below.
Pre-requisites:Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v15 SandboxVS CodeAL Language 5.0.254558 Demonstration: After running AL : Clear credentials cache, I tried AL: Downloading the Symbol
VS Code will give you a Pop-Up to Open the Window. Make sure you copy the code and click on Copy & Open
Once you click on Copy & Open, it opens a browser window

Insert the code that you copied from VSCode and click Next.
This will open the Login page with your accounts to select.

After this you will get a Message on the Browser and your Symbols will start Downloading in VS Code.

Conclusion: This is simply a process change for authentication observed after updating the AL Language Extension.

I ho…