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Migrate IP Address from one Azure VM to another

Introduction: In the previous blog, we saw that you can migrate Data from crashed VM to a new VM. Generally, if a machine is re-setup, the IP address of the machine changes implying that whichever services consumed the services from the original machine has to be reconfigured. In this blog, we will see how to migrate IP Address (Network Interfaces) from one Azure VM to another Azure VM. Pre- requisites : Understanding of Azure Azure Subscription Demonstration: 1. Disassociate your Network Interface: Disassociating the Network Interface will disable the networking connectivity with a specific IP. Please note that your existing work has to be saved to avoid disturbed Network Connectivity. Disassociating works similarly to physically disconnecting your machine from your gigabit ethernet. Goto VM(to disconnect from) > Public Address > Overview > Hit the Disassociate Button Goto Public Address on Azure VM Network Interface - Overview - Disassociate 2. Associate the Network Interfac