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Business Central Admin Center Upgrade with Business Central Wave 2 2020

Introduction:In this blog, I'm going to demonstrate the newly available Business Central Admin Center coming up in October for the 2020 Release Wave 2 
Pre-requisites:Business Central Admin CenterDemonstration:1. Changes to Business Central Admin Center: After you login in Business Central Admin Center, you will observe a couple of changes in the Admin Center on the Main Screen directly. The changes are missing actions, additionals sections.
2. Changes on Environment Card Page: After selecting the environments, you will notice key things such as renaming the environment.
3. Update Settings in Business Central Environment: When you click Update Setting, you have the ability to schedule Update Windows and Date.

4. Renaming Business Central Environment: While this was an easy one, the best one so far is the 'Renaming' feature 

5. Delete Action feature moved to Environment Card: There is another one where the actions on the Environments List Page is moved to the card page.

6. Enabling Ap…