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Announcement: Business Central(v17) - Wave 2 2020 Release is out

 Announcement: Business Central v17 - Wave 2 2020 Release is outIn order to sign-up for Business Central v17 -  Wave 2 2020
For Online Tenants refer the steps below:1. For existing subscription:
If you are an existing client, you can simply goto Business Central Admin Center > Create a Sandbox as per the screenshot below.After you have created a Sandbox, you can play around and check how the new features work.
In order to upgrade your Production to v17, go, and simply schedule your upgrade data and select the update window.

2. For existing new customers:
Whenever you sign-up for a Business Central Environment through, you will by default receive the latest Wave 2 2020 Release signed up.

After the clicking 'Get Started' this you will receive the following screen
Although I didn't receive any issues with the US-based Office 365 account, I received the following error for India based Office 365 account.

I even checked the Admin Center and found that the…

Announcement: Preview Environments for Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2

Preview Environments for Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2 is out.
To set up your preview:
To get access to collaborate:
To understand the timeline for the roadmap on major updates for Business Central:
To sign-up the Sandbox for Preview, head over to Admin Center and create Sandbox (Preview 17.0.16297.0)
After entering the details of the Sandbox and click on create, there you will get confirmation Dialog.Your Sandbox is now created.

The Sandbox is now accessible.

I hope this helps!! Cheers.😀