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New way of Developing Promoted Action Categories in Business Central

Introduction:  We know about the PromotedActionCategories and how Promoted action looks and feels in Business Central. In this blog, I will explain the new action bar-related changes in Business Central AL Development and how to create new promoted action categories. Pre-requisites:  Basic Understanding of  Promoted Action Categories Books & References: Demonstration:  Currently, there are two ways to have Promoted Action Categories Microsoft has introduced a new action area feature in Business Central which makes adding Promoted Actions easy on the Action bar. Earlier, we used to create the Promoted Action Categories by defining them in Page Property and using the PromotedCategories in action. Refer link in References This will be allowed but moving forward, we will need to use the new way. 1. Create Action: You will create the actions as usual with the area as processing or creation page 50100 Test {     PageType = Card;     ApplicationArea = All;