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Announcement: Microsoft Dynamics Accountants Hub is retiring and will be upgraded to Business Central Extension!!

Announcement: Microsoft Dynamics Accountants Hub is retiring and will be upgraded to Business Central Extension!!

Yesterday I received an email from the Microsoft Accountant Hub's Team. An email has been sent to me because one of my Tenant had an active Accountant's Hub Subscription with Business Central. Moreover, the Accountant's Hub was under public preview for countries such as  US, Canada, UK and Denmark for approximately a year. New sign-ups to Accountant's Hub has been disabled as on July 1st 2020 and will be retiring as Accountant's Hub through Dynamics Home.

A new extension will be released in Business Central to handle the Accountants Hub's functionality as on October 1st 2020 i.e Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave 2 2020 Release.

Existing Users of the Accountant's Hub will have the access to their Accountant's Hub Tenant till October 1st 2020. Microsoft has not provided any details regarding migrating users from Accountant's Hub to the Business Centra…

Accountant's Hub for Business Central - Business Central Saturday - 365 Saturday

Business Central Saturday - Accountant's Hub for Microsoft Dynamics  Business Central 365

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Features and index for the presentation described are as follows:

1. Signup & User Setup
 Signup & User Setup                                                  Slide No.  What is Accountant's Hub for Business Central 5 Accountant's Hub Signup 6 Inviting External Accountants to Business Central  11 User Configuration in O365 / M365 Admin Center 16
 Accountant Hub's Admin Center 19

2. External Accountants in Business Central
 External Accountants in Business Central                Slide No.  User Setup - External Accounts                               23             Accountant Dashboards & Activ…

Accountant's Hub for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - 1

Introduction: In this blog I'm going to show how to setup Accountant's Hub for Business Central.
Also, I will describe what Account's Hub is and how it connects to Business Central.
Pre-requisites:Office 365 Account.Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central Subscription.Books & References: Assume, you are an Accountant and your company deals with Business Central Customers and manage their finance & accounts.
Well as a part of traditional system, an accountant has his accounts in multiple customers Business Central system.
This means that for each individual customer, you will have different logins and managing this can be difficult.

Not any more! Now you can a have a simplified portal for yourself as an Accountant and you can add your clients get the access to your customer's business central using Accountant's Hub.

Let us see how we can enable this feature.

Demonstration: Go to https://dynamics.m…