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AL Profiler in Business Central

Introduction:   In this blog, I would like to discuss the AL Profiler. Also, I will be sharing my views on how the AL profiler relates to the Performance Profiler. Pre-requisites:  Basic understanding of Profiler Books & References:  Performance Profiler Snapshot Debugging Demonstration:  In order to get the AL Profiler up and running there are a few steps on very high level. You need to create a snapshot debugger  then you will need to initialize the debugging session, record the snapshots and then generate the profiler file. Lets see each in detail below - 1. Setup the Snapshot Configuration: Once you create a Project, you can create a Snapshot configuration in launch.json file. {     "version" : "0.2.0" ,     "configurations" : [         {             "name" : "Sandbox" ,             "request" : "launch" ,             "type" : "al" ,             "environmentType" : "Sandbox&q