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New way of Developing Promoted Action Categories in Business Central

Introduction:  We know about the PromotedActionCategories and how Promoted action looks and feels in Business Central. In this blog, I will explain the new action bar-related changes in Business Central AL Development and how to create new promoted action categories. Pre-requisites:  Basic Understanding of  Promoted Action Categories Books & References: Demonstration:  Currently, there are two ways to have Promoted Action Categories Microsoft has introduced a new action area feature in Business Central which makes adding Promoted Actions easy on the Action bar. Earlier, we used to create the Promoted Action Categories by defining them in Page Property and using the PromotedCategories in action. Refer link in References This will be allowed but moving forward, we will need to use the new way. 1. Create Action: You will create the actions as usual with the area as processing or creation page 50100 Test {     PageType = Card;     ApplicationArea = All;    

Business Central Copilot Edition Developer Insights

Introduction:  In this blog, let's explore the Business Central Co-Pilot Edition in Business Central. This blog is regarding the Business Central integration with Open AI(ChatGPT) from Microsoft. Pre-requisites:  Business Central v22(Copilot Preview) Books & References: Demonstration:  1. Setup Business Central Co-pilot Edition: Before the release of Business Central v22, a co-pilot preview was released. This edition provided the AI tools used by Business Central to do the basic marketing texts and reporting. You could earlier create a preview for Copilot. But with BC v22, you will get it included. Below is the Business Central version with a co-pilot edition 2. How to use: Open the Item Card, and you will see the Marketing Text. This will generate the Marketing Text based upon the attributes present in Item Card. Agree

Resolving Error - 'Invoke-NAVApplicationDatabaseConversion: An unexpected error occurred after a database command was cancelled.'

Introduction: While doing Data Migrations from BC14 to BC22, there was an error ' Invoke-NAV ApplicationDatabaseConversion: An unexpected error occurred after a database command was cancelled.' in Business Central in the Database Conversion. I confirmed the DB connectivity is working fine and failed only at Invoke-NAVApplicationDatabaseConversion. Pre-requisites: 1. Understanding of BC Data Migrations 2. Basic understanding of SQL versions Demonstration: As you know that while upgrading NAV / Business Central, you are requested to run the Application Database Conversion. In this case, I was directly trying to convert from BC14 to BC22 and I ended up with this error. To confirm this I checked the Upgrade compatibility matrix  and then there was an unexpected error. I tried to do the steps again and seem to receive the error again. After checking the Event Viewer it wa