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Copy Data from Companies Using Configuration Worksheet.

Introduction: In the earlier version of Business Central, the only way to copy data between companies was either to copy the company or upload the data through Configuration Packages or Rapid Start. Microsoft introduced Copy Data from Companies to copy data from specific tables in companies to your respective table in your company. In this blog, I will be sharing my experience in copying data from other companies into my current working company. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central(On-premise / SaaS) Demonstration: 1. Setup Configuration Worksheet: Configuration Worksheet is a page through which you can copy the data from other companies to your working company. You can search on Tell Me to search for Configuration  Worksheet. You can go ahead and add the table for which data you want to copy. For CRONUS, the default Configuration Worksheet looks as per the screenshot below. 2. Run Copy Data from the Company: In the actions, you will have the ability to click on th

Data Search in Business Central

Introduction:  In this blog, I will be sharing my insights on Business Central. The Data Search extension is created by Microsoft to search for Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Pre-requisites:  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Data Search Extension Books & References: Demonstration:  1. Understanding the Feature: Microsoft has recently introduced a feature(through extension) known as Data search. The overall flow of  Data Search is that you can do a Tell Me Search > Data Search > Input your Search String and you will get where the Data is present. You can navigate to a specific record by clicking on the result. You can also make the job easier by selecting which tables you want this search job to look for the string. In Actions, you can see all the tables you want to include in Data Search. 2. Exploring the code: The Data Se

Microsoft Loop - First Glance

Introduction:  In this blog, we will explore Microsoft Loop App. We will learn about the basics of the Loop App and how it can become one of the best productivity tools. Pre-requisites:  Enable Loop App for your Organization Books & References:  Enable Loop for your Organization Details on Loop Demonstration:  1. Signup / Sign-In: You will need to visit  to get started with Loop Setup. Once you open the link, you can click on Sign In  Once, you select the Users to Login Once you are logged in with User , you will be able to view the Loop App. If your organization has not enabled, you can enable the access using  Enable Loop for your Organization I tried to create a new signup with a different trial account. Hit get started with Loop. Once the Get Started button is clicked,  you will b redirected to main loop page.   After hitting Get Started with Loop, you will get a message to wait and immediately redirected to the loop. 2. Use Loop: Once you have successfully logged

Resolving Error: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.Encryption.NavEncryptionKeyNotFoundException' was thrown

Introduction:  In this blog, I will be sharing my experience with the error  Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.Encryption.NavEncryptionKeyNotFoundException' was thrown. Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.Encryption.NavEncryptionKeyNotFoundException' was thrown. Page Customers has to close. Pre-requisites:  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Basic Understanding of BC- CDS(Dataverse)Integration Books & References: Demonstration:  When I would open Customers, Vendors, or Contacts, on the list page I would get the error message Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.Encryption.NavEncryptionKeyNotFoundException' was thrown. On any other pages if we open they would normally. After checking the Event Log it was clear that this was possibly caused by CDS Updated the CDS Connection setup ( Dataverse Connection Setup) usi

Annoucement: Business Central v22 Preview Release is out

ANNOUNCEMENT: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v22(Wave 1 2023) preview is out.  For more details check the announcement from Microsoft below -    Microsoft Announcements Emma Bak Nielsson (Adecco A/S)  - Announcing: Public preview for 2023 release wave is... Emma Bak Nielsson (Adecco A/S)   –   12 hours ago   –  Edited   Announcement: Announcing: Public preview for 2023 release wave is available! Read more about what is new and planned for Business Central 2023 release wave 1 and learn what's new in the Business Central Launch Event! Register now: Try it out today! We are pleased to announce global roll-out of the preview environments for Business Central 2023 release wave 1 (April).   Help us! We want more partners to try it out. Let us know about your experiences with the new version. You can provide feedback on Microsoft Collaborate (learn how here: ) - or give us feedback and ask questions it in the Yammer grou

Download Source not permitted even when configuration allows downloading source

Introduction: In this blog, I will be sharing my experience with Customization Extensions related to Download Source in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On-Premise Demonstration: As a requirement, some customers will always request access to their Customization Extension in Business Central. One such incident happens when the project in VS Code has the Download Source enabled and Business Central did not allow Downloading the source. After checking the code base, it was clear that Download Source is only allowed for apps where Tenant Visible boolean is set to true In order to deploy the extension with the Tenant visible as TRUE we had to deploy the Extension App with tenant details using the PowerShell command below. OLD COMMAND: Publish-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -Path NewAppPath -SkipVerification NEW COMMAND: Publish-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -tenant default -scope Tenant -Path NewAppPath -SkipVerification T