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Adding Users in Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise

Introduction: I'm sure with the dawn of Business Central Online, its been so easy to directly get users from Office 365 and the only part that you are remaining with is setting up User Permissions. After SSL & SSO is setup in Business Central On-Premise, the question comes as how to add Users and connect to Azure AD. To get how to setup SSL and SSO refer the links below SSL Setup - SSO Setup - Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On-Premise SSL Setup SSO Setup Understanding of  Office 365 Understanding of Azure AD Books & References: Demonstration: For SSO Authentication -  1. Search for Users in Global Search and select the Users (Administrat

Update: Add User PermissionSet to NAV

Introduction: In Dynamics NAV Users Page, a SUPER User has the ability to add more specific user permissions to another user. However, while adding permission if the User mistakenly adds the company name to a SUPER Permission Set for all companies. This is actually a trap, as the user did not remove any permissions but only added by mistake and after adding this value, the data cannot be again set to BLANK. Pre- requisites : Understanding of NAV Powershell Module Microsoft Dynamics NAV Books & References: Demonstration: In my previous blog LINK , I discussed about a workaround to this issue using SQL and NAV Users pages. In this blog I will be sharing the steps to do the same using PowerShell Commands. Using the Powershell Command New-NAVServerUserPermissionSet -PermissionSetId SUPER -ServerInstance <ServerInstanceName> -WindowsAccount <WindowsUserName> Conclusion: Using the New-NAVUserPe