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How to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV C/AL Objects to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central AL Objects

Introduction: When migrating from NAV 2017 to NAV 2018 i.e moving from C/AL to AL the created objects need not be created again from scratch in AL. This blog demonstrates how we can create the AL objects from C/AL using Txt2Al in Command Prompt. Pre-requisite: NAV 2018. Backup of Objects in TEXT or FOB format. Steps: 1. Import objects in NAV 2018 from the created  . TXT or . FOB files. In NAV Development Environment goto, Files > Import > Choose the .FOB or  .TXT file > Replace all the objects 2. Export the objects in New Syntax to . TXT files. Create a directory to store the objects in .TXT format which will be exported as new syntax. Here, ‘source’ is the name of the directory used. Use  ‘mkdir source ‘ Create a directory to store the .AL that will be created by TXT2AL Converter utility. Here ‘target’ is the name of the directory used. Use ‘mkdir target’ To export the objects in .TXT format in NewSyntax use the following command where Source Directory =

How to resolve 'Edit in Excel' issues

  Introduction: As you know that D365 BC offers Edit in Excel functionality. But manipulating or customizing such a  standard functionality is difficult as there is not much control available. Hence, solving issues is also a difficult task. I will be resolving the issue for this specific issue, however, the debugging steps are similar. Pre- requisites : ODATA V4 Connectivity tool for Webservices Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Books & References: Demonstration: The way Edit in Excel works is that for a given page a Webservice is created adding PageID and Page Name. Hence, there are some Webservice connectivity checks in place to validate. 1. Edit in Excel Custom Action on the page: If you are adding Edit in Excel Action on the page, please ensure that you are providing appropriate PageName and Filter criteria as Webservice is using these parameters Refer Editworkshe