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Setting Up Envestnet Yodlee Bank Feeds for Business Central

Introduction: In this blog, I will be explaining how to set up Envestnet Yodlee Bank Feeds and perform Bank Account Reconciliation. Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Envestnet Yodlee  Banks Feed Add-On  Demonstration: 1. Installing Envestnet Yodlee  Banks Feed Add-On: Goto the Marketplace App and install the Envestnet Yodlee App. 2. Setup Envestnet Yodlee Setup: Goto Envestnet Yodlee Setup and input Consumer Email and enable. After that run the Test Setup action which will set up the Consumer connection with Envestnet Yodlee App. If there are any errors while setting up the app such as the one below. "You cannot use the Envestnet Yodlee Bank Feeds Services on the demonstration company. Open another company and try again". To handle this error, goto Company Information and ensure that the copy doesn't have 'Demo' field set to true. Use Configuration Package to set it to false. 3. Setup Import Bank Statement Setup Goto Bank Import / Export se

How to Setup Jet Hub & Jet Service Tier for Jet Reports in D365 Business Central

Introduction: The story starts with one of our clients who want to have Jet Report installed along with Dynamics 365 Business Central. After procuring the licenses, the client realizes he needs to connect Jet Reports to his home PC as well which may cost an additional license cost since Jet Report uses O365/M365 and Device Details as well to register its client. This means that it is not totally remote like Business Central(SaaS). So we need something that has all the data in the center but can connect to O365 as well as re-activate once the user changes the devices. It would have been easier if the client connected his home PC with office Azure AD, transfer the logins and AD metadata but that's unethical to some IT policies.  So after nearly 2 weeks of back and forth, the jet team suggested using Jet Hub, and the caveat was only 5% of the companies who install Jet Reports choose this option due to its complexity.  Meanwhile, I lost my patience and interfered thinking " How ha

Setup SQL Server Backups for Business Central On-Premise

Introduction: After having a successful implementation of Business Central On-Premise for the client's environment, it is necessary to automate administrative tasks such as Database Backups and restoration policies to Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Pre- requisites : Understanding of SQL Backups -Full Backups: - Differential Backups: - Transactional Backups: Understanding of PowerShell Demonstration: In this blog, it is necessary that you understand the different backup types. Just to give a hint below is a one-line explanation. i. Full Backups: Takes a full backup of DB ii. Differential Backups: After the full backup takes the change in data is added to the differential backup iii. Transactional Backup: After the last backup, the tra

Device Login in Business Central

Introduction: Since Business Central's inception, Subscription-based licensing is in use. While implementing LS Central, I noticed that this cannot be simply based on Subscription-based licensing because there are multiple shared terminals between multiple staff members. The worst part is that not all users are logged in at the given time which means the efficiency is closed to 50%. This issue can be resolved by handling device-based licensing whereby the license is paid only for the number of devices used as long as the registered device logs in. This blog will demonstrate how to enable device-based licenses for Business Central. To understand where Device-based License is used, refer to Pre- requisites : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  Demonstration: 1. User setup for Device-based License: 2. Registering your Device MAC Address: To get the MAC Address of the Device, open CMD and run the

Setting Up Administrator Account in NAV when Administrator accidentally deletes his own permission 😂

Introduction: Today, I received a call from one of the NAV Administrators stating the issue as if I try to access the User Card page for some users I receive the following error. Upon investigating it was clear that the Administrator by mistake deleted his own access to the company for all the users who have access to a different company. Even using the Administrators account I cannot get access to a different company. The condition here was that I cannot simply clear all User Access as per the blog below. Pre- requisites :  Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central On-Premise Demonstration: 1. Modifying User using SQL Database: If observed it evident that whenever the Administrator account is added there should always be a Windows User associated with it. To remove this constraint, modify the Username in User Table and Windows Security ID using SSMS in SQL Tables. Changed the User Name to ADMINISTRATOR-1 and o