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How to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication or Email Authentication issue for Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Emails

Problem Statement:When MFA has introduced a couple of months ago in Office 365 / Microsoft 365 or made mandatory for a certain set of accounts, Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV / Business Central had issues sending email through SMTP Email.
Pre-requisites:Office 365 / Microsoft 365 AccountEnabled OutlookMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Demonstration:1. Creating App Password for Multi-Factor Authentication based Accounts:After you have set up MFA, Microsoft 365 allows you to create a One-Time password to login to the corresponding apps. This password cannot be viewed again so copy it somewhere. Follow the process below.

2. Enabling Authenticated SMTP in Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Admin Center:
After you have a password created, you need to check if you Mail Apps have the access to your email. Follow the process below to enable. After this, you just have to use your  Email and App password created in Step #1 in SMTP Setup and run the Test Email.

Conclusion:That's all and I'm happy th…

How to Transfer Files through API using Base64 Stream to Business Central

Transferring data from Business Central Tables through API is one of the latest version of transferring data from or to Business Central using the API Page Objects or  Web Services. Well, it gets a little difficult to transfer file blobs using the Media.ReadLinks and Media.EditLinks JSON field.

Understanding of Business Central APIUnderstanding how Blobs are accessible to Business CentralAL Language ExtensionVS CodeUnderstanding of JSON Data Types References:

1. Using Business Central API to Pass Data from  BLOB to Base64 String:
Whenever you have a file in a BLOB field and want to transfer as a Base 64 string to API - POST Request.

2. Reading the API into Business …