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MSDYN365BC - Why Dockers are important?

Hi Readers, Hope you all are doing good. I have been busy with recording some videos about Business Central and Docker. I this article I would like to talk about Importance of Docker with Dynamics NAV / Business Central as developer. Docker Playlist . #Msdyn365bc, #docker, #businesscentral Read Complete Article » source

Webinar - Upgrade Path from NAV/BC to BC(SaaS)

Webinar - Upgrade Path from Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (SaaS) Presenters: Saurav Dhyani Jon Long Luc Van Vugt Presentation & Recordings: Slide Deck:!237947&ithint=file%2cpptx&authkey=!ABOqcXskBrgXz80 Youtube: Contents: 1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Lifecycle Policy: With C/AL Access removed in BC v15 it becomes difficult to migrate from NAV to BC. But here is a screenshot saying the NAV can be migrated to BC v14 using C/AL and this option is available till 2023 viz. 48  months. This to ensure that all the customers upgrade from NAV to BC along with their ISV Customizations. For all the above 14 versions of Business Central, the support is available briefly for 18months. This implies that whichever version of NAV you or your customers are using, you got the small window to Upgrade from NAV to BC v14 using

Business Central Upgrade Error - What happens, How critical is it and how to handle it

Problem Statement: After the launch of BC v16 in April 2020, I got an email stating htat the BC Production Upgrade will be scheduled to in June 2020. A couple of days passed by and all the Users started getting this image.  Take Action Now - Your Business Central Tenant Cannot be updated to BC 16 Although I certainly appreciate having this image on top as notification everytime you login into Business Central, I have gotten feedback from my customers stating that this creates some sort of tension and discouragment between the Users. Pre- requisites : Understanding of how to Upgrade Business Central Knowledge of Notification Recepients Understanding of changes code from BC vX to BC vY Solution: 1. Find out which extension is stopping BC from being upgraded. Generally this is available through emails that have been received from Microsoft. 2. Deprecate the old code and refactor to latest version by using the latest version of  AL Language Extension and Business Central Sandbox. Refer  ht

Solution to 'The request was blocked by the runtime to prevent accidental use of production services' error while making HTTP Call in Business Central

Introduction: Recently, I have been working with Business Central's Http related Data Types. In on esuch requirement where I had to make a POST call with JSON content. I'm sure that everything I was doing is perfectly fine and yet I get this weird error from Business Central while making an HTTP call to third party APIs Error says: 'The request was blocked by the runtime to prevent accidental use of production services'  Error: The request was blocked by the runtime to prevent accidental use of production services Pre- requisites : Understanding how APIs work. Understanding of AL Language. VS Code Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Books & References: Solution: I have worked with multiple API calls from Business Central to 3rd Party softwares and they almost always worked such as this one  Generate Hash Value and Integrate Form Data Third

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - 16.2 Update is out

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - 16.2 for Business Central Wave 1 2020 (Application  Build 16.2.13779 + Platform Build 16.2.13772) is out Source: For SaaS version of Business Central 16, you can refer here  how to upgrade your Business Central to 16.2 Key features/ hotfixes / upgrades : Platform Hotfixes: ID Title 356013 "Multiple concurrent calls have been issued to the server from this client." error message displays when you run a page from a request page. 348010 The Costumers page does not save properly the custom Filter by Name = (‘*&*’) field. 348641 "Object metadata load attempted with no thread app group context defined" error message displays when you enable API. 351898 An error displays on a filtered list when you open the list from a lookup. 352166 The IncludeCaption property for columns bound to fields that belong to a tab

Highlights From Business central Virtual Event - Keynote.

Hi Readers, If you were busy here are highlights of Business central Virtual Event. If you get free Virtual Event is still available and you can watch is using this link .  There are so many videos that have great information. I will surely try to write about other videos. This article we will talk about Keynote session. There are 15 on-demand Sessions going into depth about Dynamics Business Central Wave 1. Read Complete Article » source

Accountant's Hub for Business Central - Business Central Saturday - 365 Saturday

Business Central Saturday - Accountant's Hub for Microsoft Dynamics  Business Central 365 Sources: Presentation: Features and index for the presentation described are as follows: 1. Signup & User Setup  Signup & User Setup                                                   Slide No.   What is Accountant's Hub for Business Central  5    Accountant's Hub Signup  6  Inviting External Accountants to Business Central   11  User Configuration in O365 / M365 Admin Center  16  Accountant Hub's Admin Center  19 2. External Accountants in Business Central  External Accountants in Business Central                 Slide No.   User Setup - External Accounts                                23                  Acc