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Announcing for the first time, Business Central Saturday on 365 Saturday-23rd May 2020

Announcing for the first time, Business Central Saturday on 365 Saturday on coming Saturday, 23rd May 2020.

Agenda will be according to GMT 0 Timezone.

8:00 – Track Inventory with Item Tracking –Bandam Sairam9:00 – Handling your Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS tenant –Stefano Demiliani10:00 – Business Central Flash Methodology – Paul Soliman11:00 – Accountant’s Hub for Business Central – Olister Rumao - Presentation Details12:00 – Document Automation for Business Central – Fabian Huber13:00 – Using the right D365BC setup to support different Warehousing business requirements and processes – José Miguel Azevedo14:00 – Business Central- Getting Started –Mary Thompson15:00 – Power BI & Business Central – from zero to BI hero – Renato FajdigaSteven Renders16:00 – Using Power Automate to create Approvals in Business Central – Mary Thompson17:00 – How to sync Master Data using Dynamics 365 BC with Power Automate (No Code) –José Miguel Azevedo18:00 – Integration capabilities for Busin…

How to Bulk Upload attachements using AL in Business Central

Problem Statement: Few months ago I wrote a blog on Generic way of attaching documents. As a feedback to this, questions started coming if there is any chance for bulk uploading attachments like Import multiple Item Pictures.
Lets start.
Pre-requisites:Understanding of AL.Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Tenant.Understanding of how compression works in BC.Demonstration:1. Understanding the Base App Code:
In the picture below I have illustrated the important parts needed to understand the Base App Code.
In short Upload Zip as Stream > Decompress to Lists > Attach the element of the List.

2. Writing the Code for the Functionality:
To be specific, I have written a code whihc will bulk upload Attachments for Variants of Items.
I will be seperating delimiting and recognizing Items and Variants using the format as follows 'VariantNo.[Count per variant]%ItemNo.%[*].[ext]'
To split and decode the Variant and Item No. I have created the functions below.

3. Output:
Compressing the…

Webinar - Business Central Wave 1 2020 - Functional Features - 30th April

Webinar  on Business Central Wave 1 2020 Functional Features


BCUG - 30th April 2020 -D365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1 Updates.pptx

Features and index for the presentation described are as follows 1. Application Enhancements
Application EnhancementsSlideAuto-insert Recurring Sales And Purchase Lines6Enhanced Customer And Vendor Document Layout.10Manage Direct-debit Collections In Service Management.12Print To Attachment.13Receive More Items Than Ordered.15Register Capacity In Units Of Seconds.19Use Resources In Purchase Documents.20Advanced Planning Parameters Included In The Essentials Experience.21Productivity Improvements In Permissions Management.23Bank Reconciliation Improvements.35Multiple Languages.38QR-Bill Management for Switzerland.47Revert Qty. To Invoice when cancelling OrderApplication Lifecycle Management

Accountant's Hub for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - 1

Introduction: In this blog I'm going to show how to setup Accountant's Hub for Business Central.
Also, I will describe what Account's Hub is and how it connects to Business Central.
Pre-requisites:Office 365 Account.Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central Subscription.Books & References: Assume, you are an Accountant and your company deals with Business Central Customers and manage their finance & accounts.
Well as a part of traditional system, an accountant has his accounts in multiple customers Business Central system.
This means that for each individual customer, you will have different logins and managing this can be difficult.

Not any more! Now you can a have a simplified portal for yourself as an Accountant and you can add your clients get the access to your customer's business central using Accountant's Hub.

Let us see how we can enable this feature.

Demonstration: Go to https://dynamics.m…