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Changes to Admin Center for v15.4, v16 in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online(NAVISION ERP)


With Business Central already upgraded to v15.4, and soon about to upgrade to v16 after 1st April 2020, there are very useful features being added to Business Central Administration
I'm super excited to blog about these. Let us check them out.
I think its finally time to say "Now we are talking!"


  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online
  • Access to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Admin Centre


Change #1: Layout of List of Environments
A clean and a user friendly layout change can be observed in the List of Environments.
You can see fields such Available Update Version, Scheduled Update Date
List of Environments
List of Environments selection

Change #2: Environment Details
New Actions -

  • Manage Apps: In this you can see what all apps are installed in your Business Central Environments
  • Manage Sessions: In this you can see all the sessions running for your Business Central Environments
  • Application Insights Key: Use to log all your Telemetry to Azure Applications

New Fields -

  • Available Update Version: In this you can check which is the Available Update Version
  • Update will start on or after: 
  • Update Scheduling Available(?): After clicking on the '?' it redirects you to
  • Update Roll-out State(?): After clicking on the '?' it redirects you to

Environment Details

Change 3#: New Support Request Action
This action has been previously in development is now complete. When you click on this it takes you to Power Platform Admin Center for your cases and where you can also raise a paid case ticket.
New Support Request

Change 4#: Manage Apps
Here you can see the Apps installed in your Environment. Here you will not be able to find your customized app but only the ones installed from Market Place or default apps.
Manage Apps

Change 5#: Manage Sessions
Here, you should be able to see all the logged in sessions. You can manually kill each session. This is one of the best feature I feel as many users would get stuck if there was any discrepancy in logging due to multiple sessions. So we had to get them logged out through whole Dynamics 365 for this session to be closed.

Manage Sessions

Cancelling a session
Cancelling a session

Change 6#: Application Insight Key

 Here, you can log your telemetry to Azure and inspect to make analysis. Refer below


For now, I think it is a good improvement and I'm really liking as to how to product is getting matured and where the things are headed.

I hope this helps.


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